comic book guy.

i thought i would introduce you to some of my neighbours in temple bar.
this is Liam he owns the local comic shop.
you can swap and buy all sorts new and old comics and graphic novels.

Liam hiding under a mountain of scripts.

this was my shop a long,
long time ago.
it was my first ever location. back in the day it had no windows though.
Liam has a great love for comics and although he hasn't read all he has in the shop , he definitely wants to!
he gets new stock every day . the favorite comic is x men.
Liam's favorite is acme novelty library by Chris ware.

Liam has being trading here for 8 years.
he's rapidly running out of space.

how many comic do you think are in this shop?
thanks to Liam
photos by kyrsten.


xoLauraox09 said...

That shop looks great!
I STILL have to go to your shop, can't wait! <3

sparklicous said...

hey dee. i'm going to be doing the make up for your fashion show tomorrow i think!! woo hoo!! yay!

Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR said...

Ha! I spotted the Beano. More reasons for a visit to Dublin ... x

jaboopee said...

yay! she's back.....lovely to meet your neighbours, say hello to mark l at red z from me....
i love comics favouite was twinkle and i remember once i got a free little bumble bee brooch with it...I guess your far to young and beautiful to remember twinkle ?
lovely to have you back miss dee.

Ciara said...

Dee, I know I have told you this before but Sé Sí is SUCH an important piece of my history, and who I am today. I get all nostalgic whenever I walk past it. Must pop in a take a look now that there is a new generation of comic fans in my house.