the big bad world

here's some things i seen on my travels.
created by who? i do not know.
but very enjoyable and making journeys
pass easily.

be afraid ... be very afaraid

who wins machine or nature?

some great street art.

this art is in a garden in carlow.
i seen it on a trip to wexford recently.
created by an over 60's who 'wanted something to do than go to the pub'!
no art training.

a younger version of someone i know.


RIG ^__^ said...

Great eye candy pictures:)

Sonia Luna said...

Good pictures! The girl in the first graffiti looks like Jennine from The Coveted!
Great pictures, makes me want to learn to drive and go visit this mad country!

jennine said...

oh that is my photo they used in that stencil, i don't know if it means something good or something bad...

jaboopee said...

are you loving your iphone ?
i am loving your iphone
I had to put a blindfold on to comment i was so afraid of the second picture...
who is sultan?
your very dear lady friend
ps the madness ended yesteday.. i'm eeeexxxxhausted .

Aden Meyler said...

What a completely random garden. Are you sure the artist didn't frequent the pub? Love it!

Tia said...

what it !