what a gal ... claire garvey.

today i had a great chat with Claire Garvey.
an Irish designer who trades in temple bar.
i got some fabulous insights into her life and time as a clothes connoisseur.
and what a journey!
Claire started designing at 6 she sent designs to
Mary quant.
she studied fashion in ncad in Dublin.
from their she went on a 2 year whirlwind adventure in Moscow.

claire is a real talent and her designs has stood the test of time.

Claire sold in powerscourt design centre when it was full of young Irish designers.

10 years ago she opened her shop in cows lane.

Claire's outfits are all one off and are bought for special occasions.

her designs aren't planned out. they evolve on the loyal mannequin.
which has being with her since she started.

inspiration can come from sea shells, discarded rubbish or a rose petal.

thanks Claire for a lovely inspirational afternoon.


jaboopee said...

I'm enjoying your roving reporter reports ,miss dee of lucys tv. i think claire's clothes would really suit you , love her transparent dress...looks like a dragonflies wing.

mise said...

Dee, you and your house are wonderful. I've known the former and I'd have guessed the latter for quite awhile, but Elaine just reminded me.

Tia said...

WOW , oh wow !!!!!