a berlin trip.

last week i visited Berlin for a few days.
i loved it.
here are a few snaps.
my tips for Berlin is do your research before hand.
its a very big city and sometimes you have to search for things.
i didn't find any good vintage shops until i was due to go home
my train left at 12 and i found the best shop at 11.40.
why does that happen?
so at 12.40 i was running for my train praying i wouldn't miss the plane.
i didn't.
the shop is humana a charity shop its massive.

PS. please excuse, some photos just won't go the way they should.
i tried 5 times to correct to no avail.
i am close to tears now so i just have to leave them.
bloody computers!!!!!

some customers at the new look lucys lounge.
i've expanded to the ground floor.
pop in some time.


jaboopee said...

love is indeed very possible.
it's ok about the photos, i just turned my computer on its side and they look fantastic.
what ? lucys in on the ground floor too? what? why?who? when?how?

mise said...

Yes, bloody computers. Well said. I see my children's nurses' kit on a glass shelf in the background of one of your photos - did you steal it from me?

Aden Meyler said...

Wow Dee! you sure get around. If only the family finances would stretch to include weekend trips. We would be out of here nearly every weekend.

Isn't uploading photos just so bloody annoying?!!!! I like jaboopee's idea and next time I will turn my computer on its side instead using the warrior 3 position.