dandelion 60's vintage queen.

at Lucy's i get to meet so many individually dressed people.
I'm amazed magazines don't cover this aspect of style so much.
high street and labels seem to dominate the media.
i am giving coverage to all the ladies of style, i love.

starting with the one and only dandelion.
dandelion works at Lucy's lounge.
she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.
a day spent working with dandelion is a day in heaven.
she's funny, witty, down to earth, caring  and she puts me to shame with her fashion knowledge.
what she doesn't know about clothes isn't worth knowing.

her style is 60's 1965 to be precise.

she has 100s of garments all carefully curated and catalogued.

each piece has a story: where it was bought, how she managed to get it,
what designer made it.

dandelion is meticulous about her look, to the ring she wears on her little finger.
 tights and shoes are integral part of the look.

make up and hair are done to perfection.
dandelions other love is music. 
she has had her own club night for many years.

the first time i met dandelion i fainted.
 i was so dizzy from excitement .
i couldn't believe how exotic the creature was before me.
sometimes i ring her and ask her
'what are you wearing today'.
 very very seedy. i know!!

i hope you enjoy my post.
i would love to hear from others who are passionate about clothes.
i'd love to feature you here.


Sweet Jane said...
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Sweet Jane said...

Absolutely fantastic post! I totally agree with every word that you've said about Dandelion, she always looks 100% amazing, the video footage of the shop looks wonderful too x

jaboopee said...

I use to wear 60's clothes but dissapointingly that was in the 60's. I remember vividly a brown and mustard bell bottom combo.

Dandelion looks fantastic , she's a true original .