we're 25 today

Friday 13th 1987 .
i open sesi in temple bar i was 22.
i had always loved clothes and i had spent the previous 5 years in various 
markets and shops in Dublin and London.
the time had come to bite the bullet and settle down
and sesi was born.
 in 2009 to be called Lucy's lounge.

one of our flyer's. 

at one point sesi stretched to 5 shops.

an invite to one of our many party's.
 the first shop at 8 crow street where siopaeile is now.
no windows.

 someone enjoying one of our parties.

 Atlanta an amazing designer and stylist.
at a fashion show at the pod night club.

just look at the amazing style.

dancing the night away.
we had parties every Christmas and then we started to do
club nights at the kitchen and the pod.
ali car
Ali carey
jeni glasgow.
 at sesi i was so lucky to be surrounded by amazing people.
we all shared the same dream and passion.
clothes, fun and leading a life, true to yourself.

 Ben our shop dog.
Barbara and dandelion. 

  an up and coming designer.
we always sold Irish designer when they were
starting out. 
electronic sheep, Joanne hynes , Claire Garvey , mark O'Neill 
pauric Sweeney and  Tim Ryan. that is just a very small few of all the 
designers who past through our doors.

 me. home after a trip to India. 

 an iconic piece from the shop . 
we left it in the kitchen night club.


Rory with Karen Russell . a brilliant tattooist.
temple bar's first tattoo shop.

another shop we had in temple bar selling grunge clothes.

the first ever photo shoot i ever got done.

  that's some of the memories 
of the last 25 years. 
it has being a great time. 
thank you to everyone who was involved 
designers, staff and customers.
for the next 25 I'm going to take more photos!!.

we had a stall at this market in the early 90's.


jaboopee said...

happy happy birthday, amazing photographs and amazing you.
a film needs to be made about this ....
Who is going to play you ?

Duncan Cross said...

Did Pauric get inspiration from you to go to London and sell his pieces in Kensington Market and then Nottinghill?

Stephen McPadden said...

Wow! Familiar faces etc in the POD, used to love Se/Si night in kitchen god we were so uber cool! Dublin was kicking back then.