the dogs

I am a dog lover.
lurchers are the ones I prefer.
they are a mix of greyhounds and other breeds.
they are very gentle giants.
need little exercise and love affection.
galaxy [black] and circus girl.
out hunting.
our new dog ,
king Henry VIII.
we got king Henry from the Kilkenny dog pound.
he is regal with big feet.
he's very nosey and thinks his reflection is another dog.
3 spoilt monsters.
fast asleep on their couch.
40mph couch potato.
circus having fun.
galaxy loves water.

poor sick circus girl. always prone to accidents.
the day we found circus.
we found her about 3 years ago.
she had been badly abused.
our dogs have brought a great amount of
happiness to our lives.
they are in the shop every Monday and Friday .
if you need some free love and cuddles drop in
they love affection.


grunge-queen said...

Thanks for the follow! Lucy, your dogs are beautiful and I'm so glad you saved Circus. And what lucky doggies to have such a glorious sofa to lounge on! It's a beaut!

Misfits Vintage said...

I'm a dog lover too - these guys are absolutely GORGEOUS - please give them all lovely cuddles and tummy tickles from me! Sarah xxx

Frocktasia said...

I love dogs too, I wish I could have a whole houseful and if I lived in a house out in the country I probably would. I'd love to volunteer for the RSPCA but I don't think I'd last very long; as I'd probably plant an almighty Begbie style Glasgow kiss on the very first person I came across abusing their dog. I'm glad these beautiful dogs have a happy life with you now and that they bring you happiness in return, DOGS RULE!

Krista Gassib said...

These are such gentle giants. I love scruffy mutts. My lil Peetee is 10 today and sometimes I wonder what I will do when he is gone, I think I will get three more in his place, maybe that would help mend what will be my broken heart.