the one great thing about working in the shop is the customers.
every day i meet lots of different people.
i hear their dreams, their sadness, their laughter.
you really never know who's going to come down the stairs.

here's a selection of recent visitors.

two strangers i tried to match make.!!

after 30 years selling vintage . 
its the first time i ever sold to a hari krishna devotee.
he was such a lovely man.
he kept saying krishna in his conversation, 
i asked him why he said it was a blessing.

 the star of the 3 musketeers pantomime.

Dave was getting dressed for a masquerade ball.
he won a prize.

another dog lover.
i loved her style.

celebrating their first year of marriage.

from Germany.
Au pairs in Dublin

i love his style.
i am going to do a blog post just on him.
and to end it all.
real eye candy.
Jessie is a sight to behold. 
i love every outfit she wears.
massive vintage addict.
a blog post just for her soon.

this is just a small selection of all 
my lovely customers .

Dublin can be heaven


Philip Sheridan said...

Hiya! We are the couple above that were celebrating our first year of marriage after Don't Tell the Bride! It was great to meet you and Mandy just loves her 20's style hat! We will see you again soon!
Philip & Mandy Sheridan

Misfits Vintage said...

Lovely lovely lovely!!! They are all gorgeous - especially love the last gorgeous girl! Sarah xxx

The Style Crone said...

I just found your beautiful blog and see that you are a kindred spirit! Lover of hats and all things vintage. I'll be back!

wardrobeexperience said...

as planning an own shop, i love to read your enthusiastic posts about your shop life. great blog.