a moment in time...

I am doing a post of my favourite outfits of 2012.
I want to add a new style to my clothes.
definitely I chose to wear clothes of a fantasy element.
I didn't realise it until I looked through all my photos.
why is that I asked myself?
how do other people choose their clothes
by era, by the latest fashion, by shape to suit the wearer or out of practicality ?
I 'd love to start a discussion on this .
I even have names for my outfits.
the ensemble can start from a shape, an image , a story, other visual sources .
but when it comes to me its like an obsession to try and produce it.
sometimes it can take months to get the look together
waiting on that one piece to finish it all off.
this is Victorian funeral.
 I had the coat a mantle from the 20's
I've had it for a few years . sitting lonely in my wardrobe and then this
summer I bought the hat in London.
the dress underneath I got by coincidence the week I was to wear it.
It had beautiful jet beads. it was from a high street shop. monsoon I think.
 I got it at Lucy's.
I love this outfit. it is simple and easy to wear and very dramatic.
 this outfit I also love.
it is very difficult to wear. it is lots of uncomfortable layers.
tulle skirt, felt coat, hat with a million pins to keep on.
but I love it.
I call it.
the clown who lost his heart .and then found it.
At the moment I love clothes influenced by carnival performers.
the coat I bought in Brighton.
hat spitafield London from a milliner who made it from scratch.
skirt from my favourite designer Victim.
this outfit I have about 10 years.
it is all high street bought from charity shops.
the skirt is from zara, jacket whistles, head piece I added to but
it has river island tag.
I wore this to the electric picnic this year.
I got my photo taken for a national news paper.
it was such a thrill.
I call this outfit.
wedding bliss .
everyone thought i was getting married in it.
this outfit is nicer in real life .
the beauty of the dress is how it moves.
the hat i bought in an antique shop in London.
i have no name for this outfit.
I think because I'm not completely happy with how i put it together.
so its an unfinished project.
I'm sure I'll find something that will make it complete and then a
name will follow.
I haven't bought clothes for 2 months now.
i want to introduce a new look to my wardrobe.
a cleaner line. men's suits , dramatic bows.
problem is finding these clothes.
any ideas?


Bella Q said...

Hello lovely Lucy! Of course, I would so appreciate you using my badge. Thank you so much. Off to find you on Facebook. You rock!

Lucys Lounge said...

thanks bella . i'll put the badge up now. xx lucy

wardrobeexperience said...

i really love the idea of giving every look a name ...

one of my co-workers named my outfits inspired by sports, cities, drinks and food ... actually i wanted to start to name the post headers after hids ideas - bu´t sadly when i came home i wasn't able to remember. such a shame.

Ari's Dolls said...

Love all the looks! They're all one of a kind!

Tamera Beardsley said...

I love how you curate your ensembles...and name them!!! Fabulous my dear, just fabulous!

Anonymous said...

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Vix said...

How lovely to meet you! You have amazing style, I love all of your incredible outfits. I'm not sure what I'm thinking when I get dressed, sometimes a tune on the radio or a dream I've had inspire me, occasionally a blog post or a film but mostly I make it up as I go along. xxx

Anonymous said...

So glad to meet you! These outfits are breathtaking, I love how you collected the clothes and patiently wait to complete them with the right accessories. It's like a living artwork made with love and wit. My favorite is the Victorian funeral and the black nameless one, I suggest you to call it Waterloo, because of the color and the napoleonic hat.

Misfits Vintage said...

Holy amazingness!!! I thought I loved the first outfit... UNTIL I SAW THE SECOND ONE!!! That is absolutely stunning. Sarah xxx

Tina said...

Love the looks Dee, You always look so great :) Hugs Tina

Angie HB said...

I love the hat in 'VIctorian Funeral' and there is something Peruvian about the middle two. Wonderful style.

judith said...

Bonitas imágenes!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

This is amazing. Fashion as art. You look fantastic in each photo x

Frocktasia said...

Some wonderfully unique looks you've created here. Thanks for swinging by my blog and leaving a comment, much appreciated. Your blog looks right up my street, so I'll be adding it to my blogroll pronto.
Have a lovely weekend!...x

Sacramento Amate said...

I want all your skirts, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye. Thank you very much.