Happy birthday.

A few weeks i got an email from a dad in America.
His daughter was studying in Ireland and he wanted to get some vouchers
for the shop as a birthday present.
So we arranged a birthday cake for her as well.

Happy birthday Annie.
she was SO surprised.

cutting her cake.

lots of new friends to sing happy birthday.

choosing her outfits.

harry and sally.
Sibhy learning to sew
My outfit today is
  So blue.
the dress and coat I got in Lucy's .
brooch sent to me as a gift
from a beautiful artist based in Ireland
magnolia pearl
via  internet.
These shoes are by Kurt Geiger.
They are vintage and 3 sizes too big,
hence the ribbon to keep them on.
too beautiful to pass no matter what the size.
I wear size 4 - 7 my size is 5.

Head piece by
Rose of  Portobello  London.


Frocktasia said...

What a sweet thing to do, I bet she was surprised :)
Your outfit is tremendously creative, you must have so much fun getting dressed in the morning, your get-ups are filled with so much fun & joy!

Anonymous said...

From Annie's Mom in America, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It was really sweet of you to go to so much trouble to make her birthday special.

Misfits Vintage said...

Holy AMAZINGNESS - your bloomers and the doll's head and the headpiece - the entire outfit is SPLENDID!

And what a lovely surprise for your customer - that cake looks delicious!

Sarah xxx

Sonia Luna said...

You are a gem!

Milex said...

I like your way of thinking

Vix said...

What a thoughtful gift!
Love your outfit, I'm the same with clothes, if I like something I'll find a way to make it fit whether it's my size or not. x

Anonymous said...

What a great way to celebrate a birthday!Great surprise and lovely cake!
Your outfit here is perfect: the doll head brooch made by your talented friend and the bloomers are mind-blowing!
Those shoes are so beautiful, I can easily imagine Marie Antoniette in them, a great find!
My feet are big and I'm not so lucky, I can wear only the ones in my size!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

You seeme to have a great job!

Sacramento Amate said...

I love every single detail of you outfit, dear Lucy.The dress, the coat, the pendant, and the gorgeous headpiece, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Lucy you make me dream.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

You lovely generous lady, what a beautiful cake! Your outfit is a work of art, so much of 18th Century Versailles in it, I adore the bloomers. All the blue and the flower headpiece. Not to mention that dolls head brooch. I utterly love it all. I want to come over and play

Bella Q said...

Your outfit today: so rad! I love the pile up of blues and those bubbles for tights and amazing shoes. We are the same tiny foot size and I too would lash those beautes onto my feet- they are lush!

Jibran Ahmed said...

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wardrobeexperience said...

awesome. this is not just an outfit - this is art.

Jane O Sullivan said...

you look super x

Sheila said...

I just love your style - it's so fun!