A day in london.

My outfit today is called, Calm.
 I was very tired after a day trip to London the day before.
so my usual colours and drama just wouldn't do.
I need peace.
The dress and underskirt is from Lucy's.
Inspiration is 1920's.

a gift from china.

Headband Marco a Brazilian designer.
once show casing at Lucy's.
It reminds me of the crown of thorns.
Marco was quite religious I wonder was that the reference.
My day trip to London was on Thursday.
London has always been a great friend to me.
first I went to anthropologie ,kings road
to see mister finch at the selvedge pop up shop.
I have admired his work for a while now .
The shop is amazing.

then I went to spitalfields market.

I bought this.

From this lady.
I wish I'd bought this .
the black sheep.
says it all!!

best style ever.

I was intrigued by this.
mystery shopper.

I bought this.

one of my favourite shops in brick lane levisons
I got the most amazing pair of shoes here and a coat.
Richardo the most pleasant assistant
read poetry to me as I shopped.

the owner of the vintage emporium
played the fiddle.
I was well entertained.
her shop
full of antique clothes.
I should have bought this.
oh London you treat me so well.


Sacramento Amate said...

My dear Lucy, sen me all those butterflies, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
Wonderful attire, my gorgeous friend.
have a fabulous weekend.

zky829 said...

I discovered Levisons on my last trip to London...picked up a vintage men's dressing down. It made me so happy! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

Vix said...

That patchwork skirt is amazing, I need to make one!
Your outfit is, as always, a work of art! x

wardrobeexperience said...

love your 20s inpired look. very beautiful and calm :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, London is my favourite place on earth and you give me a wonderful sight with your interesting and amusing photos!
I love Mister Finch's works and your outfit could be one of his butterflies!
The patchwork skirt is beautiful!

Jane O Sullivan said...

what a great post Lucy. I always go to spitalfields o thursdays too ! .I am a little fed up of portobello and always seem to pick up some vintage paper ,prints etc for my work, its lovely to imagine your delight there last thursday (I was actually in Dublin !!!!)Love the rainbow skirt :) take care Jane x

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I need to go to that stall, even if I can't afford anything, it's all wonderful. The mystery shopper is bizarre and amazing. The poetry and fiddle experience is just magical. You look wonderful, I love Mapp and Lucia so your 20s inspired outfit is just delightful. The silk and embroidery are divine, so is the underskirt. The crown of thorns is a very special thing indeed

Frocktasia said...

I love taxidermy which is maybe a bit odd since I'm vegetarian but I find taxidermy very romantic, like a perfect movement forever frozen in time. I love going to the natural history museum just to look at the animals, they are like works of natural art.
Your outfit is lovely and I'd use the word 'calm' to describe it for sure...x

Helga! said...

OMG!!! I love LOVE your outfit, darling!! Exquisite!
It's been over 20 years since I was last in London, it really is a marvellous place to visit!Spitalfields is high on my list for when I make it back!

Bella Q said...

I wish to shop with you, here. What a tantalizing set of shops and shoppers you present. I love your shoes, your costumed effects, and your lovely and luscious face!

Krista Gassib said...

London was good to me, how I'd like another go at that place! You bought everything I hoped you would have:) The bright patchwork would draw me in for sure and your outfits are always so inspiring! You really are some yummy eye candy!