Today's outfit is called.
'From a depression era'.
This is my least favourite dress.
in principal i should take to  it.
I like the colour i like the texture i like the design.
 in practise i hate it.  

So why do i wear the bloody thing?
Well clothes express who i am
and sometimes i am, as this dress is,
Sometimes i want to close my door and become a recluse.
Sometimes the trials and  tribulations of life
are just too much.
This dress reminds me of all that.
It also tells me i can triumph over these demons.
I can cast them off and throw them to the back of my closet !

 hat from an irish designer name unknown.

 world war 2 prisoner shirt

This is Ari.

 Ari makes the most amazing dolls.
we sell them at Lucy's.
She's preparing for a big exhibition.
here's her blog.

 Miss BO.

Miss sunshine.

 Miss sweet

 This 6ft lady stands at the top of our stairs 
and welcomes everyone in to our establishment.


this weeks helper.

 Model for a hair show

Miss Brazil

 Our regular customer 
she comes up from wexford 
[2 hours from Dublin]
every month.

 Party people

Jennie is another regular at Lucy's 
she is an artist.
I love her style.

i'm at this great blog


Sacramento Amate said...

It is good to look at fear in the eye in order to confront and delete it for good.
Perphaps one day you will need no reminder.
Love and admiration, dear friend.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Isolation can be tempting... Your gray dress looks a bit dreamy to me and I love the cut/structure of it. All of your visitors in your store look fab and I love the dolls
Becky :)

Ira Kharchenko said...

Amazing pics! So cool:)

Forest City Fashionista said...

I like your philosophy about the dress, and being able to cast off our gloomy state and put it in the closet. Ari's dolls are quite wonderful!

thorne garnet said...

I kind of like the dress, but then I can be a gloomy recluse too. That hat on the other hand is out of this world.

Melanie said...

Sometimes I like to dress that certain way as well - like I'm wrapped up in a wet wool blanket with wet sandy jeans - makes me want to run. But I like it.

two squirrels said...

Its so true that some clothes hold a personnel reaction that cut deep into how we feel about a day and what will play out.
love V

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

It's strange that grey can be so colorful!

Frocktasia said...

I totally agree with the "clothes express who I am or sometimes am" statement. I think that for most creative dressers clothes are not merely a covering, they are great story tellers and also windows for others to view the personality & mood of the wearer.
I love Ari's fabulous dolls, your tremendously stylish customers and the magnificent hat that you are wearing.
Is that an orange Irish dancing dress I spy in the background?

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Aaaaaaaaah, being so fabulous can be very, very tiring darling and when it all gets to much, one needs to take a backseat and watch the world go by. I have a black silk frock that does the same job for me ... once I'm finished with her I thank her, put her back and feel myself again! I love your prison camp shirt - is that wrong of me? xoxoxoxoxoxo

Bella Q said...

I woke up a bit gloomy today- just discovered my 20 year blue and white plate collection had been stolen. Ack. And somehow, your dress has cheered me up. Actually it is the person who is wearing it. You embrace the gloom, and I will too.

Love to you, dear Luce!

Anonymous said...

Your post always make my day!I'm always impressed by the story of your clothes and by how they always express a mood. Your collection of antique pieces blew my mind, that world war II prisoner's jacket is a great treasure and I'd probabily wear it on my gloomy days too!
I love the dolls and all your customers and friends make me always very happy! I dream to visit your shop!

Milex said...

Really good

Vix said...

I can't wear clothes that hold sad memories. I loved the dress I was wearing the day my Mum died but I had to part with it as each time I saw it peeking out from my wardrobe it made me tearful.
That jacket is incredible. xxx

Sara said...

I love how you approach clothing/ensembles. It is a brilliant way to express how one is feeling. That's what fashion is all about, right? :) I have a tendency to feel gloomy; but you're posts always make me happy. Hope you're feeling not so gloomy at present. Sending so much love! Your hat is truly wonderful.

Those dolls are really fantastic. Great artistry! :) XOXO

Jet Kuhn said...

Well you may call it "gloom" but I call it fabulous! I absolutely adore those dolls, and love seeing shots of your shop! XXX

Krista Gassib said...

You are such an interesting person. I get the gloomy mood reflected in this, and I think I've a few if these in my closet. Clothes are my comfort no matter my mood. I love the sunshine doll just happy beautiful.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Hurrah - I can comment here. I sometimes I feel gloomy and revel in, I suppose being a Smiths fan and all. I love the hat, it looks fabulous. xxx