Today's  outfit  is influenced by a post 
 on bella 's blog,
it's called black and white with  a  hint of  red.

All clothes from Lucy's.

Here a lovely skirt i got in the post  this week  from Bella's  shop.

She sent me this amazing head band. 

A few weeks ago i talked about the coffee shop.
well here's how we are  getting on.

Bernie makes the most fabulous headpieces.

Anne makes all kinds of  everything. 

The front room will house our up cycling and diy clothes.

The coffee shop part.
Rory setting up.

More goodies.

Bernie headpieces and gloves.
we hope to be opened next week. 
if you make  things , come and join us.
even  if you don't just drop in.




our  last customers today.


Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Fantastic, Lucy! I haven't been around commenting but wanted to say I am enjoying your blog tremendously.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Oooh Lucy, you are wearing my most favourite colour combination! I love the sleeveless jacket/vest. I would most definitely be snatching up one of Bernie's marvelous headpieces - does she sell them online by any chance?

PinkCheetahVintage said...

You look fantastic in the black, white, and red layers. The coffee shop looks like it's going to be major fun.
Becky :)

thorne garnet said...

I wanna go there, too. Love the headpiece you're wearing

Melanie said...

What a fantastic homage to Bella. I love those fringy bits on the black and white. I am very excited about your coffee shop!

two squirrels said...

Oh a coffee shop exciting.
I am so in love with your shoes and tights together. Fabulous!!!!
I hope you are having a truly scrumptious weekend Lucy.
love V

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

That's a hint of red!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Mama mia I am desperately in love with your attire from top to toe!!!! The black and white gloriousness over the red, the amazing headpiece - oh lord we really do need to run off to the circus together, but I suspect Rory won't be impressed considering the effort he's put into the new coffee shop;). I love the changes you're making and you are so sweet for taking pics of your lovely customers and visitors! xoxo

M. Eva-Marie said...

Just found your blog and loving it. Maybe we can follow each other on GFC or bloglovin? Please feel free to stop by my blog and let me know. XO

Jean at said...

I wish I could come see you in your shop!!! What a fabulous place. I can smell the coffee and hear the lovely conversation. Just wonderful.

pastcaring said...

Love the black and white and red, such a great combination. Looking forward to seeing you in the skirt and headpiece from Bella, and seeing the coffee shop when it's open for business. Good luck with it! xxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love the look of your shop, I'm still dying to come and visit. All those headpieces look fantastic. You look magical as usual! xx

Jane O Sullivan said...

you look great Lucy , good luck with all the changes and continued good wishes from Jane x

Helga! said...

You beat me to that glorious skirt! I reckn you'll far it far better than I, anyway!
There is nothing more fabularse than black, white and red! My fave colour combo, and you are ROCKIN' it!!!
How excellent to see the coffee shop progress. Can't wait for the opening!!! I expect it will be GRAND! XXX

CityScape Skybaby said...

Hello Lucy, I've been lurking for a bit but have to say how splendid you look in those lovely colours, my favourites too! Hope I get a chance to visit your shop one day, it looks a very special place. xx

Vix said...

You look utterly fabulous and the skirt you bought from Bella looks like it's going to help you create yet another unique outfit!
The tea shop is coming on leaps and bounds, can't wait to see it open for business! xxx

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to visit your shop through your blog, I wish that the dream of being there in person would soon come true!I love how you introduce us to your creative friends and their creations, it's always so inspiring!! Great outfit as usual, I love the black and white fringed dress with red, can't wait to see you in Bella's shop pieces!
Love xxxxxxxx

Emalina said...

What a gorgeous outfit, Lucy, you look fabulous in the black white and red! I especially adore that jacket/vest - the print makes me think of Celia Birtwell prints, and wowee to all those headpieces! Your red flower is wonderful.

Patti said...

Wow, what a fabulous spot! Wish I could visit sooner. Thanks for sharing the joy with Visible Monday.

Misfits Vintage said...

I love it! I'm doing black and white with a hint of red today too - it never gets old... like us!

Oh man, what I wouldn't give for a rummage in your shop/coffee shop - I could get lost in there, drinking cups of tea and trying on frocks and singing and giggling...

Sarah xxx

Bella Q said...

Ah a double dose of awesome-ness- you in your ensemble, and a glimpse of your coffee shop! I hope somebody video tapes your shop when that is open, because I want to watch and pretend I'm there with you.

xo! Bella

Ivy Black said... look amazing and so does the shop. I'd love to come and visit.x

Sacramento Amate said...

I love your ensemble inspired on Bellas, and all the magic of everyone of your posts.
Have a fantastic weekend, dear Lucy.

Krista Gassib said...

So much eye candy I am going crazy!!!! I love your candy outfit too but you knew I would :) There is a difference between a hoarder who you are not and a collector, who you are. You have given all of these things a new life! I would love to spend hours looking at all these beautiful pieces in your collection. When I went to visit Vix in the UK looking at her collection of clothes was a highlight.

I so enjoy and appreciate you!