I have a few outfits to show off this time.
My first is called art.
These two garments have pictures like paintings on.

I love this jacket.

 Last wear of this outfit before it's put away for winter.

All clothes from Lucy's

Victorian funeral.

Raggy  rags.
my amazing head piece came from the inspirational desiree .
it's really comfy to wear.


I want to write in defense of hoarding.
I am a collector of everything.
I feel I am the saviour of all sorts of unwanted items.
I feel hoarding is getting bad press with all these
programs  about people who store everything.

I hoard but my house is not out of control.

I love nothing better than finding those precious objects.
making the purchase, finding the history of the piece,
bringing it home,
sharing my find with family and friends
discussing it's merit.
If its clothes trying it on, working out what to wear it with.
If its an artefact finding the place it will rest.

This is a room in my house where i store my clothes.

I have over a 100 dresses. 
Please, i am not boasting, this is a collection of over 30 years.

Everything is carefully stored, especially these hats in a glass case
away from dust.

More hats.

Lastly the tower of hats. 

I would love if there was a program that looked at the merits 
of hoarding.
saving so much great stuff from landfill.
i so much prefer to visit houses full of  'junk'
i feel that hoarders in a way have their own mini 
museum .
what so you think?


Weekly buyer.

How cute.

 From Australia

Jeni Glasgow my style hero.


thorne garnet said...

there are 2 TV shows about hoarders in America. The people on them have major problems; ie, can't throw out bags of garbage and can't live in their own homes. Some of them don't even have running water. Your house is much to tidy, you're a collector, not hoarder. Love the black outfit.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Would definitely call you a collector, not a hoarder, which is a symptom of a serious psychological problem. I wish I had an entire room to devote to my clothing and accessories instead of having them take over my bedroom! I love the Victorian Funeral outfit, especially the gigantic hair bow.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oooooh I spy a daisy headband! I love the outfit you've worn it with, especially love the skirt - spring!! Victorian funeral - oh the bow and bag with your glorious coat! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing collection here, oh what I would give for just an hour in the room of treasure. I love to read and watch anything about so-called hoarders - I like to call them collectors - yes there are people who have some sad problems, but like Shelley says, you're definitely a collector. xoxoxox

two squirrels said...

Oh such treasure!!!!!! I am a collector to and I have well over 100 dresses too!!!!!! So to to to boo to any one who says anything bad about hoarders, collectors and history savers......in my experience they are always the most interesting, colourful and imaginative people.
So in love with candy day......and Victorian funeral is magnificent.
Love V

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Your outfits are spectacular-- love Victorian funeral and raggy rags skirt.
Hoarding is awesome. You've convinced me. Fuck the one in one out rule. I'm keeping everything. Except, I'm gonna need a clothes storing room like yours...
Becky :)

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

I really like all your creative looks, and especially the last, candy-look!

The Holly Rivers Show said...

a whole room in your house just for clothes?! oozing jealousy from every pore! when i eventually visit ireland i will definately come and play x

Grunge Queen said...

I want a room like yours to store my clothing and purses in, Lucy, as my triple closet is already stuffed! I think I know what you're trying to say about those hoarding TV shows - they do seem to exploit a serious psychological condition, and, like so many reality shows, turn on humiliating and shaming the participants. My understanding of hoarding is that it is compulsive and often involves items that aren't even used nor neatly categorized like your collection. Xoxo

Vix said...

I love your outfits, Lucy and am dying over those cream platforms on your top shelf!
You're too organised to be called a hoarder, I'm sure you know exactly what you've got and could find it straight away.
Having dealt with the aftermath of two hoarders I can honestly say dealing with all that stuff as well as coping with grief is horrible. xxx

pastcaring said...

I do agree with the comments above that there is a difference between compulsive hoarding, where the person doesn't even know what they have, where it is, and their possessions are inaccessible or spoilt because there is so MUCH; and collecting, which implies knowledge and love and proper care and appreciation.
You are a collector, my dear! And what's more, you have the space for your stuff, which helps!
Loving the Victorian Funeral headpiece, and Candy is so pretty and pink and frilly, gorgeous! xxxx

Bella Q said...

I have mixed feelings about hoarders, Lucy. I have been accused of being one- am accused, by present boyfriend. I am a collector. My mom is a hoarder. Hoarders for me aren't functional anymore- you can't get into their house or find anything. Collectors have loads of stuff, and they retain memories in their personal talismans. They can get to their treasures and freely share them with others.

I might become a hoarder, I guess it's genetic, and can be triggered by a tragedy. I work on not becoming one. However as someone who just lost a lifetime of a collection (2 actually, my saints and my dishes) I am mourning the loss deeply. Not just the "stuffs" but the nostaligia and the memories I had tied up in them. I feel safe surrounded by stuffs, whether it be a button, feathers and rocks, dishes or just beautiful clothing collection. I would LOVE to visit your 100 dresses- I bet each and every piece could tell a good story! xo!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I could imagine how exciting a museum of your clothing collection would be. And mannequins modelling your outfits. I think Victorian Funeral is one of my favourites. It's a masterpiece. It's deliciously macabre xx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I loved this post....I worry that I'm becoming a hoarder. Collecting is addictive, but I like my collections to have their own place & order. I loved looking into your clothing room.

Melanie said...

Your collection looks more like a gallery to me. I could spend hours going through and admiring your treasures.
As for your outfits in this post, I gasp at the funereal black. Wouldn't I love to see you on my street!

Helga! said...

Hoarding is perfectly FINE, a little organising helps! And what you are hoarding is genuine treasure, not a bundle of old newspapers, or literal rubbish! You are indeed a collector, darling! Of splendour!

Jet Kuhn said...

Collectors are different from hoarders. Plus I know when I had my shop, stock winds up waiting at home until there is room to bring it into the shop. I agree, a home filled with collections is much more interesting to me than minimalism. People usually love coming to my house, and one recent visitor was thrilled that wherever she rested her eye there was something interesting to look at. I keep what I love, it might be a lot, but my house is full of life and it shows (okay messy teen & husband don't help it staying tidy, but its clean and you won't break your neck trying to get around!) XXX Jet

CityScape Skybaby said...

I loved this post and the comments too Lucy. I have been accused of being a hoarder, and my mum and brother are definitely hoarders, so I do worry sometimes that I'm inclined to go that way, but all of you have comforted me that I'm just a collector of beautiful things and there's nothing wrong with that. xx