Guest blogger, Cassandra

Hi everyone ! My name is Cassandra, I'm a 20 years old french girl who just arrived a couple of days ago in Ireland. From now and for 2 months, I will work in Lucy's lounge to show you a little french point of view.
I will be a guest blogger and accompany you for a couple of weeks, hope you'll enjoy !

Me :)

My first post will be about Bernie's hats. Upstairs to the shop, this native Irish woman create handmade hats but also clothes, handbags, scarfs and things for the home. She has 30 years of experience and she is still creating everyday for the pleasure of her customers. If you want to meet her and discover her creations, she's in Lucy's lounge 3 days a week.

Let me show you some of the hats she has created and enjoy it ! It all comes from recycled clothes so it's very cheap ! Very nice !

This is Bernie

My friend and model of the day  Aurelie, wearing a lovely hat made by Bernie. €20 for this one


  Flower crown €58 . Handmade by Noelene, Bernie's friend


 €25 ! Just before the bank of Ireland !

This is a big meeting place at the centre of Temple bar. You can seat here enjoy a break lunch or whatever.

 €18. Before Molly Mallone



This is street of the shop Lucys lounge. You can't miss it, it's the pink building !

So, what do you think ? These are beautiful. Like you could see on the photos, it's sunny today in Dublin ! A great day to take photos and have a nice cup of tea through Temple bar. This is a nice place, music and pubs everywhere ! Besides, this area is so colorful, you can see green, blue, and pink buildings in the same street ! Really crazy, I love Dublin for that.
When I heard "Ireland", the thing that came me in mind was "rain" and "Guinness". But now I'm living here, I realize this is completely ridiculous. Of course, there are rain and Guiness but there are so much things to do ! In these days we had the sun which was very nice for walk through the city. People are so friendly and helpful. Why ? Because the first day I was in Dublin I was completely lost : big street, the crowd, noise. And then two people came to me : "You look lost. Let us help you. Where do you want to go ?" I think without their help I would be lost again today ! Thanks to them (just in case they come and read me !)

So this is what I think about Dublin right now. Great place and pleasant atmosphere ! See you soon with new stories and photos !

 A french customer, very nice

 What a lovely dress !

Mummy and daughter


Melanie said...

Pleasure to meet you, Cassandra. Oooh, I just love those hats, and you are the best model for them! I hope you enjoy your adventure.

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Hello there Cassandra! A World with hats is a better World!

Sacramento Amate said...

Welcome Cassandra.
great post, and lovely hats.

Krista Gassib said...

Hi Cassandra from all the way in Portland Oregon! I love that you shared these beautiful hats with us so unique and very reasonably priced. So cool to see the street view outside the shop and thanks for confirming that Ireland is more than just beer and rain. You had me giggling!
Take care~

thorne garnet said...

awesome hats and who know old Molly Malone was, um, so perky!

pastcaring said...

Welcome, Cassandra! I hope you have a great time in Dublin and at Lucy's. Beautiful hats, modelled to perfection! xxxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Hi Cassandra!!! Great post-- loving all the hats!
Becky :)

Helga! said...

O, how jolly splendid and fun!
Great hats, and so wonderfully modelled! XXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Cassandra! I really enjoy your photos, the hats and the Sun! I wish you all the best for your new adventure in Dublin! xxxxxx

Vix said...

Hello Cassandra! Those hats are wonderful and that French gentleman is very nice indeed! x

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Bonsoir! Lovely to meet you. The hats are fantastic, you're very lucky to be working with Lucy! I'm jealous! xx

Bella Q said...

hello sweetheart! what a great idea- and how wonderful to be working at Lucy's. Love the hat pictures and the idea that people are making such creative re-use of old materials.

Give Lucy a big hug from me.