Guest blogger.

Hello there ! It's Cassandra again. It's finally summer here in Ireland ! Today (7th May) I'll introduce you some little hats designed here in Lucy's lounge. And why don't just enjoy the sun to do that ? A really good atmosphere reigns in the streets when summer comes.


My model Aurelie enjoys the sun in Grafton street. This is a huge street full of shops, ideal for a shopping day. But not only, in that street you could also find a lot of musicians and people disguises, for the happiness of tourists. A really joyful street with a crowd always here from mondays to sundays. The little hat she is wearing is available for €30 !

In that street but also in the others, you can find flower sellers. This is the first time I see a thing like this in a shopping area. I like it, flowers always smells good and it brings a color touch in streets. That what is missing in France. Flower power ! Little hat : €30 

This one €12. Grafton street by sun

Details of the hat

 Happy bride with her prince charming, actually called Philip Lynott, a famous guitarist and singer (1949 - 1986). Bridal little hat for €30

 Anne street (near Grafton street). Hat for €12

 In Grafton street you'll always have masked people and music. Today there was a giant musketeer, and there appears Aurelie in the middle of this crowd ! Hat : €12

 The giant door of St Stephens green, a wonderful park. Hat for €25 made by Bruno 

Hat for €12

 Stephen Green and birds. A lovely place ! Hat for €30

 Flower power ! This is so peaceful in this area, people can enjoy their lunch, talk, and even a little tanning session (why not !) Hat for €12

Hat for €12


 €12. I think it looks like Versailles fountains. Do you know it ? Such a beautiful place in Paris !

 Red flowers and Aurelie. €12 for the hat 

 €12. This green landscape is so peaceful

I love this one. little ice cream in front of Gino's, Ice cream shop in Grafton street. I guess ice cream is the best meal to have when it is sunny, don't you ?

Did you know that an Irish proverb said : "If you got the wrong hat, make sure at least this one suits you."

This is my second week here in Dublin, and sometimes people get homesick from their countries. But I don't. I think I've found a little family here in Lucy's lounge, and you never get bored in Dublin ! See you next week and I hope you enjoyed !


thorne garnet said...

The guy from Thin Lizzy gets a statue? How cool is that? Awesome photos

Krista Gassib said...

Love all your beautiful hats and happy attitude! Thanks for the tour about town too!

pastcaring said...

Cute hats, lovely pics of Dublin in the sun, and Phil Lynott - what's not to love?! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful hats and wonderful tour, I love all the photos!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Such cute hats and a fun town!
Becky :)

Bella Q said...

I would love to visit Dublin someday- you make it seem even more urgent to put on the to-do list in that gorgeous sunshine.

Or maybe it's just your bright and happy smile!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

I have traveled a lot in Europe, but Dublin remains ...

Vix said...

Glad you're finding your feet in Dublin! I don't remember seeing the Phil Lynott statue, it must be fairly new?
The hats are wonderful and so's your sunshine. xxx

Melanie said...

Your ice cream hat is my favourite, but I like them all. Thanks for the tour!