Out with the old , in with the new.

My first outfit is called
I've nothing to wear.
The outfit comprises of a
dressing gown , a underskirt and a swimming hat.

This is what happened this week .
as I have gone through months of a drought .
I had no time to go hunting .
Oh the misery

Re-made swimming hat.

A nurses cape made up this outfit.
The motif is sjh which is the local big hospital here, but
the cape is from the states .
What a coincidence.

Jungle dress.

and here's my finds .

10 bags of stock came to the shop this week
and this is what i got

oh the joy.

lovely animal prints

capes for the summer.


Birthday girl Lisa
Co-owner of shotsy 2nd birthday today.
I love her outfit.

My beautiful friend, Lute

Snapping the photographer.

Swirling dervish

Super model

Cool Moe.


Handsome fiddle player.


Frocktasia said...

I love that dressing-gown and the jungle print dress is sublime. Your outfits always rock my world! You've bagged some nice new things this week too, can't wait to see them incorporated in your future outfits. I am always in awe with your cool customers, I wish I could have a bus load of them coming to my next market, that would be fab. I just adore people with an individual style. Have a great weekend my dear. Lots of love, Jennie...xXx

two squirrels said...

Oh your outfits are just so scrumptious....I love the peek of petticoats under the wonderful house-coat.
Then to make it amazing the swimming cap hat.
Have a fabulous wekend.
love V

Melanie said...

I wore a flowered bathing cap last week and took lots of photos in it too. I like your nothing-to-wear look. Great new stock, it must feel like Christmas all the time. What wonderful customers you have.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Your first outfit has me weak at the knees - seriously the slip with the floral dressing gown - GAH!!! And your swimming cap! Please can we just live closer to one another so we can go wild together? Your fresh stock looks scrumptious and I can't wait to see you in your FREEKY necklace! xoxooo

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

So many nice things. The blouse with flowers, White lace, your White slip etc

Sacramento Amate said...

I love everything you are wearing, and those great find, ahhhhhh
Magic always, dear friend.

CityScape Skybaby said...

That's the prettiest dressing gown I've ever seen Lucy, and you can even make a swimming cap look good, I remember looking hideous in mine when I was a kid. I love all the soft delicate colours and fabrics in your new stock. Your friends Lisa and Lute look beautiful too. xx

Vix said...

The jungle dress and "nothing to wear" outfits are divine and I'm drooling over that blue fringed printed top you've bought! x

pastcaring said...

Look at that swimming hat, it's a little floral work of art!
Love the print on the jungle dress, and how fascinating that the nurse's cape was made in America. I like quirky details like that!
You bought so many great things, is it destined to be stock or for your wardrobe, or a bit of both?
As always, you have a wonderfully eclectic and stylish bunch of customers! xxxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I LOVE floral swimming caps! I've always wanted one since I saw the lady on the cover of Blur's Leisure album. You look fantastic, I love the lacey blouses and the horse print shirt! xx

Forest City Fashionista said...

You are rocking the swimming cap, Lucy, and you can't say that about very many people ;)
I love the curly poodle sweater and red cape! It must be so much fun to unpack stock and see what treasures are there. It is so much fun seeing photos of your shop, and the cool folk who visit.

Mrs C said...

Oh, the white lace pieces! Wish I could get my hands on them! I like that you actually name your outfit.. kind of cool :)


Patti said...

so many treasures, Lucy. I love the shots of your customers each week! Thanks for sharing them with Visible Monday.

Anonymous said...

I love the bathing cap, the wonderful cape..everything and all your new finds, can't wait to see the future outfits to come!!I'm always very inspired by you and all your fabulous customers!
Love xxxx

List Addict said...

Love the fringed top with the cowboys you picked out this week! Fun. What fabulous style you have.