August catch up.

hi everyone. 
This summer has really being hectic. 
The weather  has being amazing in Ireland 
even if not always sunny it was always nice and warm.

my apologies for not posting comments but i have being reading 
every ones blogs.

i am thinking of disabling my comments section.
I'm really bad at commenting to others blogs and i feel guilty if i don't do it.

i'm in a bit of a tizzy about it.

any opioins

some bits of me.

jessie is one of our favourite customers at lucy's 

jessie has followed us for many years.

she has amassed a huge collection of clothes

i'm proud to say most of her wardrope is from lucy's

she has allow us to do some photos.

i love her style

and her great figure !! 

i had a great article about me and the shop in our national paper.

i also got picked to go to yelp as a small business ambassador in october
they are paying for a trip to san francisco.

and i was asked to appear in a reality tv shop.

all toally amazing considering i joke about lucy's 
being the worst kept secret in dublin.
We never get any media attention .
so three in one month was shocking, but in a good way


thorne garnet said...

don't worry about not posting, we're all busy and post when you can. A free trip to San Francisco? Yes, please! That's were I was born. I always enjoy the photos of the people who shop at the store. I love their personal style! And yours too.

ps: sometimes I don't comment on the blogs I follow

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Aw, nice to "see" you! Congrats on all the coverage! As you ask, here's my (sorry, long-winded) letting-go-of-guilt-based opinion:

I have lots of times I'm not able to manage responding to comments, or to comment elsewhere, but still want to - and can manage to - read blogs and put up posts, and no one seems to mind (or they haven't said directly that they do). If they do mind, that is about their needs wants / preferences / and sometimes judgements. The good thing is that every blog is not for everyone, and people simply will or won't continue reading, and that's absolutely fine.

I come across the odd person saying that not-commenting is a pet peeve, or grousing or sad about it, feeling rejected if they've made lots of effort to leave thoughtful comments and a blogger doesn't respond. My take is that we can't know what bloggers are dealing with IRL, and must respect that they may want to use blogging in different ways or for different purposes which may not include lots of comment exchanging or friendship-building. Or they may have limited time, energy, ability, etc.

I think that life has way too many "shoulds" already without worrying about "keeping up with" blog tasks, or feeling pressure, or doing things "the right way," or feeling badly about only doing the parts you can manage and enjoy as fun. Please feel free to problem-solve in whatever way works for you, anything you want to do, including turning off comments, is totally okay! Great, even, if it allows you to continue blogging at a pace that works for you. Thanks for the opportunity to think on these things, Lucy! xoxo

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Keep the comment section-- I only comment when I feel like it! Do what you want--read/comment on blogs when you damn well feel like it!!
Congrats on being recognized and getting media for being so AWESOME!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I really enjoyed the Irish Times story Dee, it's wonderful to learn more of the back-story behind Se Si and Lucy's Lounge. I would so very much love to visit your amazing shop and to enjoy a coffee and a delicious bite to eat in your lovely cafe. Then The Stylist and I will pop down to LL and whip up something divoon for the shop! I enjoyed reading Amber's comment about the commenting dilemma, although I would be so sad to just be able to read your blog and not share my thoughts on your amazing posts. It's been a wonderful summer for you this year weather-wise and it would be a terrible shame for you to be stuck indoors when you could be enjoying the warmth outside ... xoxo

SWEET JANE said...

Love that first photo of you Dee, your outfit is amazing! Absolutely brilliant news about the trip to San Francisco and well deserved too, it's such a beautiful city, hope to get back over there again someday myself..I think you should definitely keep your comment section open, and try not to feel so guilty about not commenting, I don't comment even half as much as I used to when I first started my blog either, sometimes there's just not enough hours in the day, people understand x

Forest City Fashionista said...

I think Amber gave the response I would have given you regarding commenting on blogs, but she phrased it so much more articulately than I would have! I have blogs that I make a point of commenting on regularly, because I consider the blogger to be a friend, but there are lots of other blogs I enjoy, but don't comment on - there is only so much time in the day, and we need to live real life in order to have something to blog about!

I am so happy that you have been getting some great media attention, and the trip to San Fran sounds like fun!

I love all the "bits of you" in the first photo, and Jessie seems to be able to wear pretty much anything and look great. I enjoy being able to comment on your posts, so I hope you leave the comment function on. Let go of the guilt and continue to be your delightful self!

Helga! said...

How splendid to get a whirlwind of attention!!! May it brign more wonderful customers to your shop!
Ah, I used to stress about commenting, trying to get around to all the amazing blogs takes time and energy, and it becomes a bit of a chore! There's only so much you can fit into your day, so I don't fret anymore, I just get around when and as I can, and leave comments accordingly.....
Amber, as always, expressed it beautifully! XXX

pastcaring said...

Great that Lucy's Lounge is getting plenty of media attention, and a trip to San Fransisco sounds wonderful.

As for commenting - I am interested in everyone else's views expressed here, and agree to an extent. Of course, a blog is your own thing, you post when you want, comment when you want, it's your choice. But I am probably one of those people who Amber describes as grousing about the non-commenters. Intermittent commenting, I get. I know life is busy, and stuff happens for all of us. But never commenting, while still posting, I don't understand. Depends on how many blogs you follow, of course, but it seems to me that blogging has become a one-way street if someone posts but doesn't share in the conversation of commenting. If it isn't about sharing, a two-way interaction, then a blog becomes a monologue, doesn't it? I guess it all depends what you want your blog to be, which for all of us will be different and individual.
That probably hasn't helped, and I am aware I am a lone voice here, but hey ho, 'twas ever thus!
Whatever you decide, good luck, and the same goes for your ever-developing and successful business!
PS. Jessie looks amazing! xxxxx

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Don't bother to comment my posts. I don't mind at all. I've also met you and know that you are the Queen of Temple bar som of course you don't have to :-) :-)I love to see pictures from Lucy's lounge!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lucy!! Congratulations, your shop deserves a lot of success and so you that made all this possible with your awesome and unconventional taste!!
Don't worry about the comments, I understand how difficult is to comment on everyone's blog, summer has been very busy for me too and I felt sorry when I missed some of my favourite's blogger updates!
Keep your comments section and doing whatever you feel about it!
Love xxxxxxx

Krista Gassib said...

What a beautiful gal and what a killer collection of clothes she found at your place! I'm so happy for all the media attention you are getting, I hope it means more sales! Don't worry about the commenting you can only do so much in a day right? I mean how many times can you tell someone they look cute! :) We all blog for different reasons and remember there are no rules!

Sacramento Amate said...

Great model, and beautiful clothes, dear friend.

Jane O Sullivan said...

well done Lucy on the recognition in the artical , you are a national treasure and deserve a lot more attention , working under the radar is difficult but ultimately we are pushing things further , the rest take their time to catch up , always believe in what you stand for , and do what feels right for you with the comments etc , you cant make pieces of yourself , I am sure people come here for inspiration and you dont need to be exhausting yourself commenting everywhere , maybe add a nice comment to your readers in your posts xx love Jane .thanks for calling to the zine fair , so sorry I missed you :(

Kelly Jackson said...

I think doing what you want, without the guilt, is the way to go. I used to get PO'd when I'd comment on a person's blog that I loved, and she never commented back, that whole two-way street thing, but, you know, now I don't care as much. Even if that person doesn't comment back, the fact remains that I still get pleasure from her blog. People blog for different reasons. Though, I must say, it would be nice to have the option to comment. I used to respond to every comment but have now let readers know I won't be. I hope they understand. :) Huge congrats about all your media attention. The Yelp conference sounds cool - hope you share it with us. Xoxo

Bella Q said...

Been thinking of you dear Lucy stranger-friend- glad to hear you are busy and well! Don't disable comments and also NEVER FEEL BAD if you can't visit a blog or leave a comment. Let's establish that this bloggy thing is about enjoying yourself, and enjoying eachother. Guilt is a shitty motivation- so please don't feel bad. If you never read my blog again, please don't bother to feel bad- that's not what I want. I want and love that we all have a connection- many of us, not yet met, but already friends! How proud I am of you, your place, of Vix, Desiree, Becky, Melanie, Heather etc etc etc. So many marvelous people, encountered because we are passionate about dress and choose to share.

I like to leave comments when I can. And visit when I do. But also, a thought and a prayer in my heart for my kindred spirits whether or not we cross paths via blog, or face to face. I just happy we share a world, and dress for it, each and every day! Love to you!

Flow Disruption said...

I wouldn't worry too much about commenting on other blogs. There are so many awesome blogs out there, that it's hard for anyone to keep up with all of them. I think the best thing to do is comment when you feel genuinely inspired to tell someone something about their post, which doesn't always happen. Sometimes it's nicer to just look at and enjoy someone's post without feeling compelled to comment. :)

Melanie said...

I am excited about all the media coverage you are getting. You're a schtar already so why not swan about in the limelight for a while? A free trip to San Fran sounds heavenly. How I would love to pop down for a visit but not sure I can manage it.
As for video, I use VideoPad Video Editor - easy, fun, lots of effects. It has a free trial period and tutorials with it, runs on Windows. I bought the higher version I liked it so much. I would love to see you in motion!!

No, don't disable your comments! I have felt exactly the same as you too. I'll post and then not get around to commenting and of course feel bad about it. But then eventually I make it around. I think everybody goes through these phases so I wouldn't worry.

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