sew sew.

 Over the last few weeks we have had our sewing classes at the shop.

We are back making clothes after a summer break .
and the energy levels are very high. 

Here is a dress Rory made today.
its made from a sari.

I found a way of making clothes on the web.
it's call subtraction cutting.
here is a link to it .
It is very clever and this dress is an example of the technique.


Has anyone tried it before?
We're going to do lots of practising.

last week i went to 
Claire Garvey's fashion show. 
here's some of her amazing dresses.
these photos aren't mine i found them on the web.
some have no names with them so i can't give any credits.
others say contact

 Claire Garvey


Helga! said...

The sari frock is just beautiful!
I have not heard of this subtraction cutting, will have to have a sniff!
That's one hell of a spectacular fashion show! XXX

thorne garnet said...

I just watched the linked video and am even more confused! I'd have to have him at my elbow to understand what's going on with subtraction cutting.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I adore the dress made from the sari--- so good!!!!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Fantastic dresses!

two squirrels said...

Wow what incredible the sari dress.
Love v

Flow Disruption said...

Wow, those dresses are really beautiful! I especially love the blue one. :)

Vix said...

Being a total Indiaphile I absolutely love Rory's dress and I bet it would be a lot easier to put on than a sari! xxx

Vix said...
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pastcaring said...

What an amazing show, Claire Garvey's work is very dramatic and intricate. And the dress Rory made is lovely, what pretty fabric. xxxx

Anonymous said...

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