A month ago I turned 49 years old.
What an age to be, I feel 20 in my mind but my body says otherwise.
Just half a century on this planet, it's been great.
Tick tock, time is important and all those things I never did,
 I want to catch up on..
 Its 50 for 50:
50 new outfits to celebrate that big date,
and a list of 50 things i'd like to do.

Here's one I always wanted to get one of these turbans.
I was in Brixton in London and this lady made me one.
Price £15.

Outfit no 1.
Made by Victim London.

Outfit no 2 
Made by Victoria.
an Irish costume maker.

Outfit no 3
Made by Victoria.

Outfit no 4.

Outfit no 5.
Yet again Victoria.
I am keeping her in business.

A case for all my new clothes.

Super kimonos from this girl at the loft, Powerscourt.

Galway girls
jane o'sullivan (centre) celebrating her new amazing exhibition in Dublin.

Anne's stall at 
fusion market

I visited an amazing
private museum in London
I can't recommend it enough.

 amazing art

The artist Steven Wright.


Vintage Jane said...

Your outfits all look fabulous or rather you look fabulous in them!
The museum looks great.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

If that's the House of Dreams, then you own the Shop of Dreams! I get so happy when you arrive and kick off the party, I've been wanting an African turban since ... forever. The metallic blue is gorgeous on you! Your frocks and plaits are incredible - I adore the front-back doll motif ... I've been searching for inspiration and with your wonderful 50 Before 50 has got my cobwebs blowing around in my brain. Big hugs to you! xoox

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Lucy how lovely to see you, and what marvellous gear and finery. Many happy returns! xo

thorne garnet said...

Happy Birthday to you!

House of Dreams looks like my kind of place.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Happy Bday! All your outfits are fantastic and the house of dreams museum looks amazing :)

Jet Kuhn said...

Happy belated almost half a century! Love your idea of 50 before 50, unfortunately I'll be 55 later this year, so missed out! But I do have many things planned to do that I've always really wanted to & soon as funds allow will definitely be on my way! I think as we get older, we get braver & forget our silly fears or insecurities, allowing us to go forward with gusto! XXX